Planting Seeds

There is a season for everything and I am starting to truly understand that the Lord’s ways are so much better and higher than my own.  Looking back over my life, God has made one thing abundantly clear: when I have any plan in my life that is not His own, I am going to miss out on something so much better than I could ever hope for!  When we choose to walk a path that does not bring glory and honor to the Father’s name, we can be assured there will only be heartache, pain, and despair ahead.  It may not be immediate, but one bad decision has a cunning way of only leading to more bad decisions.  I am speaking from personal experience when I tell you that sin only leads to more sin.

I truly thank the Lord for the seeds that were planted in my life by my parents and by Ron & Ruth Berger with Youth for Christ.  As a result of the love and compassion they poured into my life at an early age,  seeds were planted that took root and later in life acted like a trail of bread crumbs so that I could find my way back to the path of righteousness.  When I did find my way back, God did an amazing work of restoration in my life and now I am winning souls for Christ!

Take a moment, as you read this, and ask God if you are currently on the path you are supposed to be traveling on.  If you are not, I pray that right now a seed is being planted in your life, like the ones that were planted in my own and that you too will find your way back to the path where blessings, mercy and peace are around every corner.  It’s never too late to find the path or return to the path until it is too late.  I can’t get you to your destination, but I can point you in the right direction.  If you are on the path, praise God because that means you too are planting seeds, nurturing them, or preparing them for the harvest.  You see, without the seed nothing will grow, so we all have a part to play.  I pray God blesses each of you abundantly and that the seeds in your life and the ones you have planted will blossom and bear much fruit.  To God be the glory, now and forever!


2 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

  1. Chris Brown says:

    Good stuff Jeff. Thanks for sharing

  2. I do believe when we hold seeds in our hands we start bury ’em in the soil so it can grow by day by the sun. I think God plants a root from the ground for us to see it bloom and grow as we embrace the earth’s atmosphere to reign down our spirit.

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