Head Shot
Jeff Davis is a man after God’s own heart and his passion for serving the Lord was birthed during his first mission trip to Kenya with Youth for Christ over 20 years ago. Jeff is a husband, father, and pastor whose transparency in writing about giving hope to a lost and hurting world through the mountaintop and valley experiences of his life has encouraged thousands of readers. Growing up in a military family his entire life, Jeff had the opportunity to visit many places while meeting many people along the way, many of whom would recognize the tremendous call on his life to ministry. Living in the center of God’s will in this fallen world is not easy and Jeff recognized it was very hard for anyone to have any vision for the future when they were haunted by the mistakes of their past, so he began writing about life and lessons learned along the way and how to use past mistakes as stepping stones to achieving their God-given potential. When someone feels besieged on all sides and when there seems to be no way out, God still has a plan, God is still on the throne and while Jeff encourages his readers to move past the things that may have happened to them, he never wants them to forget what they learned from them. Jeff Davis has written hundreds of pieces and recently has printed multiple devotionals: the tale of a bittersweet season called the NICU in which he became a father and learned very quickly the pain a parent feels watching their child suffer, the season in which he was almost killed in a cycling accident and the five surgeries required to put him back together, a current season walking through his daughter being diagnosed with cancer, and life as a full-time pastor and M.Div. graduate student at Liberty University. You may visit Jeff at: or or you can email him at and follow him on Twitter @jeffdavis777.


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  1. sheri odle says:

    It’s great.

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