Our Refuge

If God is love and love never fails, we can be assured that with God all things are possible.  There is nothing that is too difficult for Him and things that are impossible for us are effortless for God.  On my morning visit to see Sydney in the NICU, I saw something so precious, but at the same time a bit frightening.  As I was walking down the corridor, a newborn was being brought to the nursery where the “normal babies” go when they are born.  All of a sudden, ahead of me a grandmother was making her way to lay her eyes on that baby.  If I were to come between her and that baby, it would have gotten real ugly, real quick and would have been like coming between a mother bear and her cubs.

The same is true with God and His children!  No matter how big our opposition is or what we are facing, our protection comes from the Lord and no weapon formed against us shall prosper.  God is our ever-present help in time of need and His heart breaks when He sees ours break.  I love reading Psalm 91 when I am feeling alone, afraid, or vulnerable.  In this chapter, we read that we can abide in the shelter of the Lord and that He will be our refuge and His faithfulness will be our shield.  In the midst of our peril, when we call out to the Lord, He will reach out and put His arms around us to give us comfort.

One parallel that gives me great peace is realizing that God is my rock and that same rock runs from our lowest valleys to our highest mountain top experiences.  He is the same God yesterday, today and forevermore and He is with us no matter what we are walking through.  When David would go into the mountains for his safety, He would find his true protector.  God promises us His supernatural protection and even though He allows the trials and tragedies in our life, He gives us the spiritual strength to not only endure them, but to overcome them.  When we trust God, He will never let us down and when opposition seems to attack us from all sides, He will cause each of them to flee in seven different directions.  When you mess with God, you are going to get more than just the horn!


One thought on “Our Refuge

  1. Barbara r hunt says:

    dear jeff ..this is barbara…..I got u all in prayer…she is beautiful…..just found out tonite….

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