Diet & Exercise

Controlling what we put in our body and what we do with our body is profound.  For some it is a matter of self control, while for others it is a matter of discipline; however, for me it is all about purpose.  Becoming physically healthy has been great, but becoming spiritually healthy has been amazing.  Daily feeding myself with the word of God and then exercising my faith by being a witness for Christ is the best workout there is.  When people see the change in me and ask what I am doing, my answer of diet and exercise shocks them as if there had to be more to it.  For me, it wasn’t the lack of knowing this; it was doing it.  When we reject the light, we are blind and when we walk away from it, we are foolish.

I made the decision that I was going to start seeing myself the way I wanted to be because how we see ourselves will determine the life we will live.  Our sight has to do with what we can see, while our vision has to do with what we can be.  Our imagination is powerful because all God needs to do is breathe in our direction to brings things to fruition.  God gives many of us pictures of things to come, as He did with Abraham.  God told him that his descendants would be like the stars in the sky.  The one thing we can be sure of is that God brings His promises to pass and our visions can become reality.  God wants to take us places that we have never dreamed of. 

One of the greatest needs we all have is of self worth.  Our value should come solely from the fact that we are children of the Most High God, but somehow we determine our self worth by what we think the most important person in our life thinks about us.  That is an interesting statement because if God is the most important thing in our life, our self worth would make us priceless.  We are God’s masterpiece and we have been chosen by God Himself.  Even though life is not fair, God is every time.  We all want a purpose in life and we all want to be happy so let me pose this scenario:  we were created to bring glory to God and the best way to do this is to spread the love of Christ to others; in doing so, we will find purpose and true happiness.


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