Power of Praise

Praise precedes your victory and God is enthroned on our praises. As you lift up His name, so shall you too be lifted out of your pit of despair. God will not only set your feet on solid ground, but He will also put a new song in your mouth.

While God promises to give us a new song, it is up to us to sing and proclaim it! As you magnify His name in the midst of uncertainty, supernatural peace and joy will surround you and victory along with all the spoils of your spiritual war will be yours! The breakthrough, miracle, prayer, and closeness to God you have longed for begins with praise.

Instead of focusing on all the negative things, try to refocus on the positive things in your life and begin praising God for them. You soon will find you have far more to be thankful for than you have to worry about. When you can learn to praise and trust God, even when there seems to be no way, He will always make a way!


One thought on “Power of Praise

  1. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for this word Jeff

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