The very word causes us to tense up and lately there seems to be an overwhelming amount of stress in our daily lives. If stress itself does not kill us, how we react to it might very well! It may be the fact that Easter is right around the corner, but that should give us more cause to rejoice than exhibit stress!

Understanding God will never give us more than we can handle is fundamental to dealing with daily demands and believing we can make it through anything. It’s become a joke now, but for those who truly know me, it is safe to say that I have lived through some STUFF meant to rob, kill, and destroy me.

In the midst of each trial I faced, it was crucial I kept a positive perspective and attitude because when you are standing in the eye of the storm, it is real easy to allow adversity and despair to finish you off. As one trial comes on the heel of the next, it’s real easy to give up, but every obstacle has only strengthened my resolve because I know I am living in the center of God’s will and if He is allowing these trials to take place then they serve a divine purpose.
imagesAny setback has the potential to be a setup for something greater if we maintain the right attitude, thus positioning us to be in the right place to capitalize on an otherwise seeming less disaster.

The mess of our lives can easily turn into stories of God’s redemptive love, faithfulness, grace, and mercy when we slow down long enough to listen to God. This can be difficult to do as the storms of life with deafening tornados attempt to rip our very homes off their foundation, so we must be intentional about making time for God and listening to His Spirit.

When God is your foundation, the wind can blow as hard as it might, the rain can pour until you have to swim, but one thing remains constant: God will never leave nor forsake you. We get so caught up in the moment, which causes panic, which leads to worry and fear, but God is not limited by time or space. God is here, He’s there, and He’s everywhere and our future is in His hands.
stressed-outStress, worry, and fear about tomorrow or regrets are wasted emotions. We need not be concerned with these thoughts because the Lord came that we may have abundant life and as long as we keep God first, it doesn’t matter what the world throws your way. Many of us limp through each day as if we were on life support or extras in the Walking Dead, which is so sad. Instead of living victoriously, we live defeated which is an oxymoron! God is omnipotent and when He is first in our lives, nothing will hold you back from accomplishing your destiny because nothing is too difficult for the Lord.


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