He Gave His All

God is the ultimate giver! On the cross, He held nothing back!
“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

Suffering is never fun, whether it’s physical or emotional. For me, lately it has been a little of both since recovering from my recent back surgery. Last night my mind started to think back to the first night after my surgery and a point where the nurses needed to move me up in the bed. I can still remember them grasping the sheets and pulling my broken body up and the pain that soon ensued began to course through areas of my body I didn’t even know were possible.

This season of recovery has shown me things I never could’ve conceptualized before about agony and it has provided me with a mere glimpse of what Christ must have experienced on the cross. Here I was just being repositioned in bed after a corrective surgery and Christ was pushing up on nails pierced through His feet just to breathe. He took the weight of the world squarely on His shoulders and He who knew no sin became sin for all of us!nails pierced

Each day, I have to remind myself to seek God before I do anything else. If I don’t, it starts to feel like things are spinning out of control and before I know it, the world can feel like it is crashing in around me and the sky is falling. This is not the way God intends us to live our lives, but when we don’t continually seek Him, all we can do is try to balance multiple spinning plates.SpinningPlates

However, when we give our needs, our wants, our desires, and even our failures to Him, He is the ultimate author and perfecter of our faith and He will come alongside of us to give us exactly what He knows we need in that very instant.

This is where a lot of us miss the train or get off too soon: God is the only One Who knows what is best for us!
don't miss the train

Our minds are not capable of seeing neither every consequence that may play out nor the things that may be even better than what we could conceptualize or even fathom.

What we must do is simply spend time alone with God and allow Him to see what’s inside of us. He already knows everything about us, but He desires us to openly communicate with Him.

Talk to God

All that matters is we are honest with Him and when God begins to speak into our lives, He will transform and renew our mind and He will put a new song in our heart. He will give us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it; that is a promise from the King of kings, who swears by His own name because there is no name higher!

Even though at times it can feel like you are out of control, that’s ok because the only one who you really want to be in control is God. When the world seems to be crushing you and there seems to be no way out; that’s ok because God has already overcome the world. Our understanding will always fail us, but our trust and relationship with God will give us peace and will always remind us God can always make a way!God will get you through it


6 thoughts on “He Gave His All

  1. Joyce Pool says:

    Good word!

  2. Joyce Leftwich Mays says:

    Thanks Jeff, for the encouraging words!

    • Jeff Davis says:

      Thanks Joyce! God has really spoke to me when I needed to hear Him the most. God Bless! JD

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Jeff Waits says:

    Thanks for the timely and timeless truths brother. DR J. Praying for your healing

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