How to Swim in the Deep End

One of the hardest and scariest things we can learn is how to swim.  When we venture into unchartered waters and end up in the deep-end, where we can’t touch the bottom nor grab the sides or see the shoreline, it can be a very helpless feeling.  In Psalms 107:24 we read, “They saw the works of the Lord, His wonderful deeds in the deep.”  It is in times that we are powerless to act that we oftentimes see the wonders of God, especially when He has called us to represent Himself in the deep-end.  Being in the deep-end, where you can’t see the bottom or shoreline is like not being able to see how something could possibly turn out for good, let alone for greatness and this can be as scary as learning to swim in the deep-end.  It is in these times that we must realize that we are not alone and the Lord’s best by far outweighs our best and if He has called us to be here; His glory and mercy precedes any trial or adversity we might face and His Spirit will provide a way where there was no way and He will never make us endure more than what we can handle.  These are some major promises you should never forget!

When we feel powerless, or like we are drowning, treading water, or unable to swim anymore, we must have the faith and trust to believe that all we need to do is reach out to Jesus, our strong deliverer and defender and take hold of His hand.  Isaiah 41:13: “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you; Do not fear, for I will help you.”  That is the Lords words, straight from the source, but it is still difficult to have faith in something or someone who you have yet to see act in your personal life.

As a parent with a child in the NICU fighting for her life, I feel powerless to make her better and the guilt from this makes me feel like I am drowning.  A few days ago we had to make some crucial decisions regarding some painful diagnostic tests for our 4 day old child.  At this point we were broken and we both started praying in tears: “I called out to Jesus saying this is your child whom was brought with a price, she is marvelously made, her name is written on you palm, you have knit her together in her mother’s womb and I pray right now you breathe the breath of God into her and that you fill her with your Spirit.  I dedicate her life to you, I plead your precious blood over her life and I promise You that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  I know that God can do anything beyond my wildest dreams because I have seen Him make a way when there was no way.  I’ve seen Him work in ways I could not see or understand at the time and have totally come to the conclusion that with God, all things are possible.

Since we found out we were having a baby, I have been keeping a journal, tracking all of her development.  Each week, I would pray over whichever organ or body functions were being miraculously formed, so I feel very in tune with our precious daughter.  I know first-hand that there is power in prayer and even right now, I know that He is restoring and healing my little princess who will be an amazing testimony of God’s goodness, grace, and mercy.  A major part of walking anything out is giving praise where it is due and helping other people who are walking similar challenges out.  I promise you will find purpose, happiness, and belonging if you will do these things.  Take a step of faith today and believe God for a miracle and stand in the gap with someone who is going through something you can relate to.  Just remember, we are not the answer, but we serve the one who is.  To Him be the Glory Now & Forever!


One thought on “How to Swim in the Deep End

  1. Jules says:

    Such an inspirational message, Jeff! I am sure you are ministering greatly to those around you as you walk through this trial.
    So happy to hear how God is healing your precious little daughter, and I look forward to meeting her very soon…

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