Heart of the Matter

When God works in us, it is normally from the inside out and the transformation that occurs is in our heart.  What we must realize is everyone’s heart is thirsty for something, so we must guard what and who we thirst for.   To do this, we must maintain a repentant heart and I find it very interesting that our first experience with Christ comes through a repentant heart.  We often think of repentance as a turning point or a turning away from former things, but a key component we often fail to include is turning towards something that is good and pure.  Sin has a vicious way of rearing itself in many forms, so we must constantly be on guard in all areas of our lives by staying connected to the vine, to the true living source, to Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  You see, it is through our repentance that our failures become conquered and God is able to give us new life, filled with purpose and belonging.

I often caution people that have recently been delivered from a life of sin or from some sort of bondage that they must fill that void in their life with things from above.  I don’t say this to freak them out, I say it because so many times I see people have a road to Damascus experience where they are on fire for the Lord, only to let that joy and freedom fizzle out because areas of their life: (people, places, negative influences, etc.) were allowed to slither their way back into their lives.  Satan’s tactics are cunning and deceptive and God’s word in Matthew 12:45 speaks of the importance of replacing sinful lifestyles with things that are holy and pure.  In this passage, we read that once this evil spirit was cast out, it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they return to where the first one was cast out and the final condition of that man is worse than the first.  That illustration sends chills down my spine because I have lived it and praise God I had godly people in my life that staked themselves next to me and refused to surrender my life over to the enemy.  Satan wants nothing more than to drive a wedge between God and whom the Son sets free.  It pains me to know that this warfare was used in my own life very successfully and just as parents don’t want their children to repeat the mistakes of their past, I pray that those who read this will learn from my ignorance and blatant arrogance.  I lived my life blind without a cause or a clue and through the sinful web I allowed Satan to weave around my life, he simply laid in wait to eternally separate me from the Father.

God had different plans for this child of God and He has different plans for all those who will turn from their wicked ways with a repentant heart.  Right now, I pray for the light that shines bright in me to shine bright enough in you for the whole world to see.  I pray that the work God has begun in you only be the beginning of God’s mercy over your life.  I pray that areas of your life that need reshaping be transformed by the miraculous power of our Savior.  I pray that any areas of bondage be broken and where sin is cast out that 7 angelic, holy, righteous and pure lifestyles take its place.  God has a plan for your life and it is one that gives you a hope and a future, and it is one guaranteed to us through the victory at Calvary.  Trust in Him and remember that the conquering power that brings the world to its knees is our faith!  To Him be the glory, now and forever.


4 thoughts on “Heart of the Matter

  1. Thank you Jeff for sharing what i believe is the very heart of God. He so desires for His people to have a repentant heart at all times…

  2. Elsie Miles says:

    Jeff, I completely agree. My heart breaks when we as Christians seek after this world. Sometimes it can even look holy. However, I am learning that without a surrendered heart of repentance the enemy of our soul will even use our desire for more of God to deceive us. He twist even our purest thoughts into perversion if we do not center our thoughts on an intimate relationship with JESUS and abiding in HIM and HIS WORD. Thank you for reminding me that no one is off limits to satan’s schemes and we all need to keep a repentive heart and a surrendered humble spirit.

  3. Jules says:


  4. God does everything here on earth, and he is checking on his people to do the best thing what we can do. I do believe that, he can do all things through his son Jesus. We have to be thankful for everything what he has done for me. Your words are encouraging and it shows how much time we take for our own actions.

    John 3:16

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