Our Purpose

Salt Harvest

Everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not, is searching for their purpose in existing.  This can only happen once they find peace with God by coming to a saving relationship through Jesus Christ and have their sins forgiven and receive the gift of eternal life.  Once these things occur, our true purpose can then be found in Matthew 28:19: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  This Great Commission was at the heart of how Jesus lived His life.  In scripture, we read that Jesus is the true vine and the source of all our spiritual life.  Our purpose is to be branches on that vine which bear fruit.  If we are not bearing fruit in our lives, we have lost our intended purpose and are nothing more than firewood.  James 2:17 tells us that faith without works is dead.  Therefore, the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives should be evident by our actions, our works, and in our commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus also instructed His disciples to be salt and light, which meant that the presence of God’s Holy Spirit would be evident in them.  Matthew 5:13-16 illuminates the importance of being salt and light.  Salt not only improves the taste of what it is put on; it also serves as a preservative, while stimulating thirst.  Just as salt affects whatever it touches, so too should Christians impact those around us.  When Jesus said we were to be the light of this world, He knew that light revealed things as they truly are and gives guidance and direction to those who are lost, while illuminating truth.  Since before Jesus gave this commandment, sin has blinded humanity of reality, but the light of truth can set us free.  There are so many lost and hurting people that are desperately searching and thirsting for truth.  Now more than ever, we need to be the lamp on the stand that gives light to all who are in the house and we need to become the city set on a hill because it cannot be hidden.

It is our purpose to show people the way to forgiveness, reconciliation with God, and everlasting life.  While we are not of this world, it is our intrinsic duty to be actively involved in it while making a difference in the lives of those around us.  I love how Randy Hurst explains this: “Salt affects whatever it touches. Light shines upon everything within its reach.  Branches extend the life in the vine to the fruit that is produced.”  I encourage you now to be the salt and light of this world and to be a branch that bears much fruit!


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