Unfailing God

The Lord has really been bouncing a thought around in my mind for a couple of weeks and last Sunday’s sermon was confirmation of what he wanted me to say.  The fear of God leads us to decision to either obey or disobey God.  In everything we do, we have the capacity to choose; in other words, we always have a choice.  Our pastor posed this question: why don’t we always exercise this choice?  The answer is because choice means change.  Even in our decision to not choose, we are making a choice and when we fail to make a choice; change is forced upon us.  This is dangerous territory because when change is forced upon us, resentment and bitterness begin to spring up.  The same is true if we are not open and honest with God in our sufferings.  We should express to God our feelings because doing so allows us to express to God any frustration we have before bitterness toward and accusation of God begins.

One of our greatest problems is how we see ourselves and the fact that we don’t understand who we are in God.  We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, but we chose to allow our insecurities to play on our emotions and we are offended by the untrue.  We decide to let what others say about us to be true by believing them.  One of the greatest reasons we believe these lies is because we don’t love ourselves, which makes it impossible to love God.  Life is not easy; Jesus said it would be hard, but our promises are eternal, so we must put our faith and our trust in God.  Trials are sure to arise and I know when we think of trials we often think of Job.  The essence of Job is that he found God in his sufferings; he did not find relief from them, but in them.  God is holy, righteous and just; His actions are unique and completely different from humans and as believers, we are individually unique and special to God.

I love the words to the song Unfailing God: “You are unfailing God, your love’s unending and Your word is eternal, firm in the heavens it stands… Eyes can’t see, but I feel You near; I know You’re working through my tears, I trust You Lord, I trust You for You never walk away.”  Lord, I pray your unfailing love rest upon us even as we put our hope in You.  I pray we remember that we always have a choice.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!


One thought on “Unfailing God

  1. tpool says:

    Good one, Jeff! God’s Word IS eternal…….What I feel must always be filtered through the eternal reality of the Word!! Thanks, bro.

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