How to Recognize Your Answer


When we have discouragement in our lives; it keeps us from God’s best, so what we must realize is that on the way to our destiny there is sure to be opposition, but it is how we deal with this opposition that defines who we are and in whom we put our faith.  The road we travel may take longer than we thought and it may be harder to live than we had ever imagined, but when we pass through whatever circumstance or trial we are facing; there will be promotion.  Our circumstances may be difficult and there may seem to be no end in sight, but God has armed and equipped us with strength for every kind of battle.  Even though you may be thinking it is taking
forever to walk this out or that it is too hard; you are closer than you think.  Our victory is right around the corner.  All we have to do is stop looking to the mountains for answers and start looking to the God who made them.  Our hardship and weeping may last for the night, but joy and peace comes in the morning.  By definition, darkness is the absence of light, so darkness has to flee in the presence of light.  It is darkest just before dawn and when the light comes, it will overcome the darkness.

When we stop telling God how big our problems are and start telling our problems how big our God is, our faith is put into action.  Sometimes we just need to get out of God’s way and let Him orchestrate the events of our life.  We have a foolish way of telling God how and when to meet our needs, but His ways are so much higher than our own.  Because of this, we need to get to a place where even when things don’t happen as we would like, even when things don’t happen when we would like, and especially when we don’t understand why things are happening – we still have peace.  If we have preconceived notions and limit God to only acting as we see
fit, we may miss entirely out on what God has planned for our lives.  Sometimes when God shows up in a different way than what we were looking for, we may not recognize Him.  Our answer may not come in a familiar way because God can use anyone and anything to accomplish His will.  God can even use the enemy to take care of His children.

Remember this last point, if nothing else.  We have an innate tendency
to write people off when they don’t meet our conditions, but we must remember
that God can show up in countless forms.  I’m not talking about keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  What I am saying is that I know there are people in my own life that I wrote off because they did not fit into my box of parameters.  God is doing a new thing in our generation and it’s not going to look exactly like what He did in the past.  This is a new day and even though what God has done in the past is great; what He is planning and presently doing is even greater.  God’s
children missed out on the promised Messiah because they were looking for
someone else that fit their requirements.  We limit God when we lean on our own expectations and explanations and some of us already have the answers that we are looking for – they just haven’t been recognized yet.


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