When we get in agreement with God, nothing is impossible and where God is waiting to take us is greater than any place we have ever been.  We must never allow anyone’s unbelief in this to keep us from believing in God’s promises of favor and blessings for our lives.  In the natural, things may seem impossible, but in the supernatural, all things are possible.  We grow strong in faith by giving up praise to God when things seem impossible and incredible power is released when we choose to believe in God’s faithfulness.  To do so, we have to get to a place where we can honestly say, “My hopes and dreams are in Your hands, I trust You, and I know You are in complete control.”

The generation in which we live is one for the surpassing greatness of God’s favor and He is looking for those who will believe.  God has limitless immeasurable moments of favor in our future because blessings chase the righteous.  We must get in the mindset of approaching each day with faith, expecting God’s favor, yet at the same time realizing that things may not go exactly how we would have liked them to.  When God directs our steps, where we are is right where we are supposed to be.  This may sometimes be hard to believe when it feels as though our prayers go unanswered and I love what the apostle Paul would pray.  He never prayed for every challenge to simply go away; instead, he prayed that God would give him strength to go through them with a good attitude.  When we pray for things, many times God gives us opportunities to be or do exactly what we pray for.  For example, when we ask for strength, God may present us with a situation in which we must be strong and if we ask for courage, we might find ourselves with an opportunity to be courageous, but sometimes we get so focused on the end result or the outcome that we miss all the miracles along the way.  God is in complete control, so we must persevere so that when we have done the will of God, we will receive what He has promised.

He is Yahweh Tsuri, our rock and our only source of salvation.  He is Metsuda, our fortress and we shall not be shaken.  He is Migdal-Oz, our strong tower and he is Machseh, our refuge and if we will trust in Him at all times, He will neither leave nor forsake us.   No matter our circumstance or what we have walked through, when we call upon the name of the Lord, He will be our ever-present help in time of need; He will provide, save, heal, guide, protect, give peace, and comfort us; all we need to do is have faith.


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